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General Discussion » Characters » Today 4:29 pm

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I am curious what everyone might be making. I am thinking about a Face Mys Adept. Weak in the beginning but get some Karma under my belt and it will be awesome.

Introductions » The Admin! » Today 4:27 pm

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My name is Shyster. I am the resident grumpy and stubborn person in the group. However if you pay attention I will get you paid I Shadowrun. I may or may not call you a chucklehead and complain about the team. That's what I do. I mean I am used to running with barely restrained rabid dogs. Im looking at the Bull and Lab-Rat here.

I have been playing games close to 30 years. With most of it being DND, Star Wars in several flavors and Shadowrun.  I am free Friday nights or Thursday after work which would baring emergencies be about 9m Mountain time.

Updates » New Website Update! » Yesterday 8:34 pm

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Hi all,
Today I managed to update a few links on the pages before adding a "Current Costs" section in the Custom Content area.

Here you can see what the current market values are for things like Plane fare and food/clothing costs. I expect this list will grow as time goes on, but we had to start somewhere!


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