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8/12/2017 3:33 am  #1

Mission 003: !!! Miss UCAS 2075 !!!

Runners: Hand, Fetch, Goldie, Mako

The group accepts a job from one Clark Watson, who is sponsoring the most recent "Miss UCAS" competition. One of his girls has been murdered and before the police get involved, he wants the group to infiltrate their ranks and find out who did it without alerting the other girls.

Goldie goes undercover as contestant #13. She hobnobs with some of the girls and finds an orc woman to be racist and confrontational and begins to believe she is the killer. Fetch and co, meanwhile, discover that security for this place is incredibly lax, despite the budget, save for one competent quasi-hacker by the name "Albert". Through Albert, they learn that the competition had their security hacked. Through investigating, they learned that the victim was injected with Neuro-Toxin then stabbed to death.

Goldie gets going in the wrong direction in her investigation and gets poisoned and kidnapped by a group called "Body Snatchers Incorporated" or BSI. Fetch finds out all too late that his friend, "Albert" was the ring leader of BSI the whole time and feeding him false information. They offer a trade for Goldie if the group is willing to kidnap another contestant, but they refuse. They have 1 week to comply before Goldie is sold into a trafficking ring.

Hand is bit by a person who turns out to be infected with the HMHVV virus. No word yet if he is infected.

Karma Reward: 4
(+0) Discover the actual killer
(+0) Discover the BSI organization before they kidnap again
(+1) Skill Usage throughout the scenario
(+2) Roleplaying Bonus (I laughed my ass off)
(+1) Taking the high-road after hearing BSI's offer

Money Earned: $2,500.00
The group failed the mission in, literally, every way possible. The money provided was given as a forward for the mission, the killer was not discovered, BSI was not discovered and substantial damage was done to the "Modelo Uno" name.

Extra Rewards:
Enemy: Body Snatchers Incorporated (BSI)


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