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8/26/2017 1:26 pm  #1

Mission 004: The Rescue

Runners: Hand, Fetch, Mako, White-Knight

The group meets up with a man called "White-Knight" who has recently defected from BSI. He tells the group where Goldie has been shipped and offered to help them get her back if they will help him in a future endeavor. The group agrees and reaches out to Clark Watson, CEO of Modelo Uno.

Watson agrees to front the money and vehicle for them to rescue their friend, provided they wear only Modelo Uno gear while doing it. The group agrees and with White-Knight's information they fly out to the Pueblo desert to a secret facility. There, White-Knight uses his abilities to take the role of other people and helps the group infiltrate the facility, masquerading as a surprise inspection team.

Once inside, Fetch and White-Knight manage to take over the facility entirely, killing off all the guards and doctors with minimal effort. They discover a collection of 22 young women undergoing traumatizing experiments and promptly free them all.

Karma Reward: 10
(+1) Good Skill Usage
(+2) Infiltrated the facility without casualty or gun-play
(+2) Discovered the nature of the operation
(+2) Disrupted the flow of a powerful neurotoxin to BSI
(-2) Cold-hearted murder of Guards, doctors and one female experimentee
(+2) Roleplaying Bonus
(+1) Rescuing the remaining girls
(+1) Giving the experimental toxin to the police
(+1) Restoring the Modelo Uno name

Money Earned: $8,075.00
The group was allotted $3,000 expense per day with a limit of 7 days. The group finished the run in under 8 hours, yielding the full $21,000. During the mission the group found $1,300 worth of credsticks. The employer was so pleased with the group's speed he provided a $10,000 bonus as well.

Extra Rewards:
Enemy: Body Snatchers Incorporated (BSI) <<< Hatred Level Incresed >>>
Fetch has permanently earned the Corporate SIN of "Jared Booth"
Hand has permanently earned the Corporate SIN of "Matt Garey"
Mako has permanently earned the Corporate SIN of "Tyler Southgate"
Goldie has permanently earned the Corporate SIN of "Happy Daniels"
White-Knight has permanently earned the Corporate SIN of "Bozman Frisbee"

Note: WIth the exception of Golide, all party members received several items 'on-the-house' from Modelo Uno. These do not count as extra rewards and rather function as mission-found gear.


8/27/2017 12:50 pm  #2

Re: Mission 004: The Rescue

So I had Modelo Uno place a order for me for 10,000 Ares Predator V's. Since it was free. Imma become a gun runner."


8/27/2017 9:11 pm  #3

Re: Mission 004: The Rescue

Why a gun runner?


8/28/2017 8:06 pm  #4

Re: Mission 004: The Rescue

Easy money, less dangerous. Why not a gun runner? Do you like having to do the things we do for the paltry sums we do it for? Maybe I should be come a dealer?


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