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9/02/2017 1:00 pm  #1

Mission 005: Weston Hollows

Runners: Hand, Fetch, Mako, Angel

The group has been hired to infiltrate an abandoned and forgotten laboratory, owned by a now-defunct corporation called EFI. In order to reach the lab the group must first deal with a crossdressing webcam star and a poison-using gang of notoriety.

Before starting the mission, the group visits an old enemy's favorite brothel and finds him there, Stefan. After a violent gun fight the group emerges victorious as Stefan's body lay in smoldering ruin in front of the building.

The group shows up at the apartment complex for the webcam star and find it filled with drug dealers and their clientele. Somehow, the group stumbles upon an organ-legging ring and eliminates them before dealing with some drug-addled gangmembers and retrieving an item for crossdresser. He then sets up a meeting with the leader of the gang.

The gang leader agrees to let the group search the building after Fetch offers up the previous building as new turf.

Investigating the lab, the group finds hundreds of dead people and a facility without power. After searching the area, they reactive the power and the HVAC system to learn that all the dead bodies were actually zombies that had been neutralized by a strange orange powder the HVAC had removed.

All the members of the group take serious wounds and Fetch shows incredible resolve after he watches his teammates get tore apart by the bloodthirsty zombies. He manages to single-handedly save the day and help the group to escape with their paydata intact.

Now the worry of infection is dominant.

Karma Reward: 13
(+2) Kill Stefan Arterio
(+2) Strike a deal with Roger Stinson
(-2) Ruthless murder of 3 prostitutes
(+2) Strike a deal with "Claw-God"
(+2) Retrieve the secret facilities database/hard-drive
(+1) Good Roleplaying
(+1) Bravery in the face of real danger
(+1) Surviving (Normally this would not be awarded after a 'death' but Fetch rescinded that with his tenacity. Half credit)
(+2) Overall Mission Challenge (part 1)
(+2) Overall Mission Challenge (part 2)

Money Earned: $20,000
The group made several thousand in sold items, but the majority of the money found went to reconstructive surgery for Buzzcut's throat.

Extra Rewards:
Contact: Roger Stinson, Webcam Star, Connection 4, Loyalty 2
Contact: Claw-God, Leader of the Gang "Skorpions", Connection 5, Loyalty 2
X2M-554 Genetic Treatment (Functions like a double-effect Adapsin. Requires Cybertechnology or Gene specialist to implant)

Special Note: The group has overcome a terrible adversity this night, earning them a reprieve from all the negative imagery they had previous carried. The group will now be looked at as skilled and determined by the Shadowrun Community. You have crossed a Karma threshold (50) where you are considered to be experienced, trustworthy and deadly. You will start getting more jobs that reflect this view.



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