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9/04/2017 11:09 pm  #1

Mission 007: Killing Pawn

Runners: Hand, Fetch, Buzzcut, Angel

The group has been hired to assassinate one "Daniel Comey" ... apparently a high ranking corp exec. The Johnson provides security uniforms and a way to sneak other weapons into the area where the target will be giving a speech soon.

Almost immediately things feel weird, but the group does the job either way.

As soon as they are in, the group is split in two. Half of them go with a Police SGT and find a bomb hidden in the ballroom, forcing a HRT squad to mobilize on site.

The other half find a retrieve their stowed gear and go to the marks room. They catch him unawares and without security but disagree as to the next action. One member of the party decides to draw and shoot at the man while the other turns tail and runs out of the room. The gunman quickly learns that he made a mistake as the man's backup is only in the room behind him and rush in to end the intruders.

The entire group ends up on the run and elect to jump out of a window, landing in a passing garbage truck and getting away with a few scrapes and cuts ... save for Buzzcut who is taken to the morgue. For reasons he cant explain, he awakens and makes his silent escape back to his friends.

Karma Reward: 8
(+0) Group did not assassinate their target, Daniel Comey
(+0) The group continues to struggle with skill diversity. Many skills have multiple owners and many have none.
(+2) The group successfully infiltrated the targets building/location without raising alarms
(+1) Good Roleplaying
(+1) Bravery in the face of real danger
(+1) Surviving (Normally this would not be awarded after a 'death' but Hand's perma-burned edge provided a safe escape mechanism for the rest of the group)
(+3) Overall Mission Challenge

Money Earned: $20,000.00 each.
The group failed to complete their mission.
Buzzcut has also lost all the gear he used on the mission, as it is now in the police evidence locker.

EDIT: The group managed to accidentally infect the target with HMHVV Strain 3 ... which he failed a series of saves against. The result is that he ghoul-ized and was put down by his guards. Since the group was responsible for this infection they will get the pay (edited above) but not the karma reward.

Extra Rewards:
Contact: Vance Royals, Street Doc, Connection 5, Loyalty 1

Special Note: The group has failed a mission that would have netted them quite a bit of street cred with other runners. Instead, this failure has reduced other employers faith in the group, once again. The group will not receive another job for 2 weeks, and the risk/reward of new jobs will once again wane.

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