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9/09/2017 4:28 pm  #1

Mission 008: Grounds for a Run?

Runners: Hand, Fetch, Buzzcut, Angel

The job is simple ... intercept a courier that is traveling west on I-5 before he reaches his destination, which should take about an hour.

The group rushed out to the chase to discover that the vehicle is a heavily armored police SUV hovercraft. The group attempts to stop it with spells and grenades but finds it incredibly resistant to damage. A police car picks up an emergency signal about a mile south of them and heads towards the chase.

Finally, Buzzcut lands a bullet directly on the engine block, disabling the vehicle. Realizing that he was stuck, the officer inside initiates his only defensive option, an auto-cannon mounted in rear of the vehicle. In the opening blast, the cannon virtually destroys the shiny sports car that Angel and Fetch are in, nearly killing them in the process. Buzzcut puts another bullet in the engine, just to be safe.

With a second blast, the auto-cannon chews up the wheel and steering column of the motorcycle that Hand is riding on, causing him to flip off and skid down the street, nearly ending him in the process.

Slowly the cop car slams into a guard rail, coming to a stop. The destroyed Mercedes containing Fetch and Angel softly slams into it on the right hind panel. Fetch hops out and approaches the passenger side of the truck.

Fearing for his life, Hand launches a grenade into the vehicle, hoping to destroy the turret now staring him down. The explosion does, indeed, destroy the gun but also the rest of the vehicle. As the truck explodes, the door on the passenger side blows off it's hinges, slamming into a surprised Fetch and lifting him into the air, dropping him nearly 12 feet away.

In a panic, the group grab the package from the wreckage and head into the nearby woods as Buzzcut distracts the oncoming police officer with a chase down the road. In an attempt to lose his pursuit, Buzzcut attempts a dangerous stunt and fails... slamming into a guard rail on his motorcycle and being launched over it... a fall of nearly 20 yards. Fortunately for him its mostly soft grass rolling downhill, but he lives to enjoy 2 broken ribs.

The group meet up and call the Johnson to get coordinates to drop off the package and get paid. Once together, the Johnson opens the case to inspect the contents and sees that his 4 bags of real Folgers coffee are intact.

Karma Reward: 8
(+2) Retrieve the Package
(+1) Good Roleplaying
(+2) Surviving
(+2) Overall Mission Challenge
(+1) Good Skill usage

Money Earned: $4,500
The group was forced to share some of their earnings with a hacker who prevented the police vehicle from disabling their car during the pursuit.

Extra Rewards:
Contact: "Mazy", Hacker / Shadowrunner, Connection 3, Loyalty 3
Contact: "Jack", ???, Connection 3, Loyalty 3
Contact: "Grue", Troll Tank / Shadowrunner, Connection 2, Loyalty 3
Contact: "Grey Feather", Bartender, Connection 4, Loyalty 3

Special Note: While the group struggled with the mission, they did manage to complete the objective. They also suffered over $60,000 in personal property loss ... but they live to run another day.


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