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9/24/2017 8:00 pm  #1

Mission 010: The Ghost in the Darkness

Runners: Hand, Fetch, Jabberywocky, MeDr

The group discovers that their first mission is 'rescue' a pair of ghostly white spiders from a local exotic critter display owned by Aztechnology. The group drives out to the location and fail on the initial infiltration, drawing the attention of powerfully armed guard and a high level air spirit.

Shortly into the encounter half of the group is dropped by the security force and decide to abandon mission.

Karma Reward: 4
(+3) Difficulty
(+1) Roleplaying

Money Earned: $8,000
This value represents pay from the Horizon show only. The Johnson did not payout for the failed mission.

Extra Rewards:
+1 Loyalty to contacts "Grue", "Gray Feather" and "Jack"

Note: The show took a slight hit in popularity given the colossal failure of the mission. 2 of the teams initial actors have been released from their contracts and disappeared, replaced by some new talent (that also did poorly).


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