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10/01/2017 5:41 pm  #1

Mission 011: Tales in the Sand

Runners: Hand, Fetch, Shade

Hired to retrieve a young girl sold into slavery by her parents, the group takes a trip down to the Las Vegas area. Once there they find the girls parents have been murdered and her dog left to die. They take the dog to a vet and keep looking for clues as to where the girl might be.

Following a lead, the group ends up at a large ranch in the middle of nowhere with the words "The Church of Raum" written in iron bars on a large black gate. Investigating, they end up killing every member of the church and rescue a poisoned and unconscious young girl who has been their target for the last few hours.

Returning her to the Johnson, he turns on the group and threatens to kill the girl if they dont let him leave. A fight ensues and he gets away, but the girl has been saved ... again.

Back at home, Horizon meets with them and agrees that they will sponsor the girl being added to the show, but demands that one of the group be her adopted parent and take full responsibility. Fetch agrees and takes responsibility. The girl has complete amnesia and cannot remember anything past the trip home. She associates Fetch as her father and takes his last name, making her Evelyn Thurgood.

Shade is signed as the 3rd permanent member of Team Horizon.

Karma Reward: 11
(+3) Difficulty
(+2) Deliver Evelyn to Hershal
(+1) Save Duke the dog
(+2) Eliminate 100% of the Church of Raum
(+1) Good skill usage
(+1) Defeating Hershal
(+1) Good roleplaying

Money Earned: $13,000
This value represents pay from the Horizon show AND the money from the Johnson.

Extra Rewards:
A rare antique revolver was also part of the reward for a successful mission, but was chosen as "personal loot" by Fetch instead of being liquidated.


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Re: Mission 011: Tales in the Sand

Mr Stenson's gun doesn't warrant a mention?


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Re: Mission 011: Tales in the Sand


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