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10/03/2017 4:28 am  #1

Horizon Sin ramification on aquireing gear.

Okay logically having a legitimate corp sin(with presumably firearms, magic, cyber, ect licenses attached) give us access to most things in the R category without fuss. So long one doesn't mind the horizon ID tags it comes with.

Mechanically we are talking about being able to somewhat bypass availability because we have an above board ID.


10/03/2017 9:12 am  #2

Re: Horizon Sin ramification on aquireing gear.

From the GM's standpoint this is largely true. However, the caveat would be that Horizon has the final word on any gear requests. Anything purchased through them is, as you said, assigned/licensed to you via them.

Take the Grenade bebacle from earlier. They received a request for 12 and approved 2. Mostly they will approve things if they think it will help their ratings.

Getting gear w/o their help is still an option, of course, using the normal method.


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