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10/09/2017 7:03 pm  #1

Magic and the group/longterm planning.

So a possibility that has occurred to me is that between Fetch and Shade we have 2/3 the minimum practitioners for a group bond, with a third available through Evelyn, or any solid player magical character. Any interest?


10/09/2017 7:15 pm  #2

Re: Magic and the group/longterm planning.

What does that do?


10/09/2017 7:50 pm  #3

Re: Magic and the group/longterm planning.

2 important effects, firstly opening up a 10% discount on future initiations without most of the entanglements of joinng a preexisting magical order. Second a permanent astral link/bond with the other members, ie free astral tracking if somebody gets pinched or goes missing. 
Depending on oaths and strictures involved/chosen it also affords a great deal of protection in terms of betrayal of the bond. Magic research club tree house, no slimy X allowed.

Downside it takes some up front karma investment that takes a few initiation grades to pay back(about 3-4). 7 karma investment for the regular members, assuming you dont already have a point in ritual casting. 30 or 40 Karma for the character that has to lead/learn the ritual(depending on if your willing to accept some failed attempts). Smidgen cheaper if you elect to specialize in contractual ritual magic over a flat 4/5 in ritual casting.      

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