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10/10/2017 8:44 am  #1

Mission 012: 1-Way Trip

Runners: Hand, Fetch, Shade, Jabberwocky

The group is pulled into an official meeting with Timothy Landry, their handler. He explains that they are running a joint operation with/for Aztechnology. The target is a small island where a familiar pair of Ghost Spiders are being held but have killed all their handlers and taken ownership of the island. Dr. Ema Fallsy is there as well, and must be rescued.

Upon initial approach, the teams airplane is shot down, causing the group to scatter among the island. During their trip to come together again, they find themselves encountering all manner of critter but none more unique than a talking Fox.

With the Fox's help, the group is able to make their way to the facility that housed the spiders. There they find some strange amalgamation of person and spider wielding a personal rocket launcher. After a blood fight, the group emerges victorious.

Fetch, however, disregards his orders and kills the good doctor, fearing she might be infected with something. The group accidentally sets off a chain reaction that causes the lab to go up in flames and triggering an island-wide volcanic event. The group is able to escape the island using an archaic smuggling airplane.

Karma Reward: 10

Money Earned: $8,000
This value represents pay from the Horizon show.

Officially, this will go down as a loss. The point of the mission was to evac the doctor for the Azzies. Now there will be additional tension between the two mega corps.
Also, the show did very well and brought the ratings to a flat 60. The result is an increase in pay for all stars and continued contract making said show.


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