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10/11/2017 4:05 pm  #21

Re: The Wonderland Club

Fetch wanders into the bathroom, looks around to make sure no one else in there. He begins looking into the mirror and shaking his head, then washes his hands. After drying off his hands he reaches into his jacket and removes the Colt and screws the suppressor onto it. "I kinda hope he is still there when I get back. This place could use a little brain matter on the walls." He smiles into the mirror replaces the gun under his jacket then texts Mazy. "Can you get me an email address or contact info for the HURT team guy. Just curious." He then heads back out to the table sans lemon tart looking around for the Fake Cat.


10/11/2017 7:59 pm  #22

Re: The Wonderland Club

Cheshire Cat is walking amongst the other Wonderlanders and in his garishly purple outfit, is hard to miss, even in a crowd.

>>>Incoming Text: Mazy
Are you fractured? You want me to reach out to him and say what? Give the number to you for what? Neither of us need that kind of heat.



10/12/2017 2:44 am  #23

Re: The Wonderland Club

Hand makes his way to the club, he had considered not going but thought perhaps it could be a fun time, finding fetch, shade and jabba Hand walks up to them ''any specific reason we are actually here?''


10/12/2017 8:58 am  #24

Re: The Wonderland Club

Jabberwocky pushes a chair out, "I wanted to show you were I come from, let you meet some of my friends." 

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10/12/2017 4:31 pm  #25

Re: The Wonderland Club

Fetch has returned to his seat at the table and welcomes Hand to the fray. Together you all sit for nearly thirty minutes just sipping your drinks and taking in the sights and sounds.

Everyone jumps to attention as the main doors are violently kicked open and armored Knight-Errant soldiers rush into the club, Ares Alpha's with laser sights raised to eye level. Some of the people in the club draw pistols and are promptly mowed down with precision bursts. One of the attackers gets lifted off his feet and crashes down onto the table with your drinks. Glass and liquor splatter in every direction. Faster than you could have imagined possible 3 club goers are dead.

Once the patrol have fanned out through the room taking tactical spots to cover every angle they radio an all clear. There are thunderous vibrations through the floor that ride up through your legs as someone or something approaches. Kneeling down to walk through the doorway is a massive set of armor with horns protruding from an advanced looking helmet. What stands before you now looks less like body armor and more like some sort of space suit for trolls. The insignia over the heart is unmistakably Knight-Errant but the name above that simply says "Osirek."

The nearly twelve foot tall creature seems to scan the room taking everything in before reaching up and slowly removing his helmet, revealing a bovine head with a thin layer of brownish fur. His brow is furrowed and his eyes plead for someone to mess with him as he places his helmet under his left arm.

You hear a familiar "snikt" sound and look to your right to see a young pair of men having activated spikes from their forearms before rushing the giant. The Minotaur catches the movement and watches them passively as they rush at him. He raises his free hand to his squad, preventing a hail of bullets. Both men continue to run at him and take leaping swings with their claws.


Both blades fracture into pieces without so much as scratching the armor. The men look at each other and realize their mistake. They sit and put their hands behind their head. With a nod from the giant, squad members rush up and restrain them both before ushering them out of the room. The large figure turns towards the rest of the club as the music stops and a small microphone pops up from the neck of the armor, amplifying everything that the creature says.

"It has come to my attention that the notorious ... nay ... Infamous super criminal known as "Chesire" is currently in this club."

He slowly starts circling the club as he talks. 

"Wanted for 27 counts of 1st degree murder..." he stops and looks at a few patrons to see if the impact of his speech is getting the desired effect before continuing his march, "...48 counts of Grand Larceny ... 13 counts of terrorism and of course ..."

He looks down at his helmet and brushes away an invisible smudge.

"Wasting my damned time."

He returns to the crowd and notices the garish man in purple and smiles a devilish grin of his own.

"Ahhhh. Mr. Cheshire himself. All these years you thought you could avoid me but now time and I, it seems, have caught up to you.

Osirek points towards the man then makes a two-fingered motion to his squad.

"WHAT? What are you saying?" the Cat says in complete surprise, "I'm not the guy you think I am!"

Two of the armed officers grab and bind the man, bringing him to stand before the taller creature. The minotaur reaches into the mans pockets and pulls out a card that shows a Cheshire cat and a commlink number. He holds it up for everyone to see then drops it to the ground. 

"Sure thing, Chess. Lets you and I have a conversation back at the station, whaddya say?"

A flabbergasted Cheshire Cat is escorted out of the room swiftly as he protests his own innocence. Osirek looks around for a moment at all the surprised faces before his thundering steps approach your table, or what remains of it. He takes a moment to look you all in the face and you feel very clearly measured as he does.

A panel on his right leg opens up and out pops a small tube you recognize immediately as a credstick. He removes the item and extends it to Fetch. 

"The city of Seattle thanks you for your assistance in the capture of a dangerous known felon. Please accept the reward money associated with the Cheshire account."

When you pull your hand away with the credstick there is also a USB drive with the word "Resume" written on it. You glance up at him in shock. He winks his right eye.

"I'm going to pretend I dont smell narcotics in here, ladies..." he says with a booming voice, turning to head back towards the entrance, "When I get back I'm going to more than bust anyone holding anything that even resembles a controlled substance."

He replaces his helmet back on his head and exits the room, leaving the bodies of the killed men where they fell as the place returns to a cocophony of murmurs and sobbing.


10/12/2017 5:03 pm  #26

Re: The Wonderland Club

Your brain is racing to catch up to everything that just happened. That might have been cool to catch on-camera. Dang.

A elvish man dressed in clothes that resemble the renaissance walks up to you, drink in hand and a worried look on his face.

"Ladies and gents, My name is Vlad. I own Wonderland. I apologize you've been exposed to such a dangerous criminal that rested here...right under my very nose!

He looks down at his drink, swirling it around in-hand for a long moment. All around you are catching angry stares from the public. Many of them truly were devotees to the Cat, or at least friends. They all see you as a traitor of sorts. You realize that Vlad is trying to do some form of damage control.

"I appreciate that you have taken the courage needed and called the authorities. Gods only know what he would have done. I've noticed lately that he seems to have more money and finery than the street tough I knew him to be. I should have known."

He shakes his head in disgust.

"Wonderland is open to you and in your debt. You, my friends, will never pay another cover charge while I am the owner. I would, however, request that you give them at least a few weeks to forget before you return.

He smiles and shakes each of your stunned hands before walking off, trying to get the crowds to get back into the mood while the bouncers remove the bodies and broken furniture. 


10/12/2017 5:06 pm  #27

Re: The Wonderland Club

"Well then Fetch, next time I'd appreciate a little warning before you pick sides in a god damn shadow feud. Let's hope tall and metal is satisfied with a fake, and the Rabbit doesn't take offense when he notices what happened. Least our rep appears to have surived the first visit. Small wonders."
Shade moves to leave. She stops half way to the exit to look back at fetch.
Hope that stick was worth it."
Shade leaves.


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10/12/2017 9:29 pm  #28

Re: The Wonderland Club

Hand finishing off his drink leans back in his chair and glances to fetch ''why is shade being such a drama queen, she is acting as if we have never done this kind of thing before, I mean what did she expect?''


10/12/2017 10:04 pm  #29

Re: The Wonderland Club

Jabberwocky stands and speaks in Sperethiel "Byddaf yn mynd i weld ffrind arall." She then leaves alone.

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10/12/2017 11:06 pm  #30

Re: The Wonderland Club

Fetch looks around at the staring patron then mentally tallies up all the ammo he brought and shrugs his shoulders. "For the record. I did not call the cops. I had someone send the guy a friendly heads up that someone was after him. I didn't even mention the fake cat or anything of the like. And a dude running around in a rabbit mask. Eff that guy. Im not worried about a guy that dressed like a old school pimp or some chucklehead in a mask. I mean what kinda asshole hides behind a......" He trails off for a second. "Ok maybe I am a little worried about a guy in a mask. Those assholes are crazy."


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